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Frequently Asked Questions



How soon will my pictures be ready?


For Commercial photo sessions Zappa Studios offers 72 to 96 hour turn times for standard processing. Each project is unique however, and for advanced processing turn times will vary depending on the scope and size of the project.


Is it' ok if there are people in the pictures?


If a person/persons can be identified in the image you generally must have a signed model release from the individual to use their likeness in your marketing or advertising. It is best to schedule your session before or after your regular scheduled hours.




Can I share my pictures with vendors, contractors or associates to use in their marketing materials after the photo session?


If your photo session is a collaboration between you and your vendors, contractors or other 3rd parties and they are named in the License Agreement they will be provided images after the session is completed. It is unlawful to "share" images with 3rd parties for their own marketing use and violates copyright laws.




I have a good camera why should I hire a professional photographer?


Digital Cameras have now made it possible for everyone to experiment at length and with a little bit of practice anyone can take a nice picture to post online. However most of those pictures are quite different when viewed in print. The advantage of hiring a Professional Photographer to capture your message visually is they have the tools to make your final image crystal clear and your message stand out both online and offline.




If it's raning, snowing or overcast will my session have to be rescheduled?


Not necessarily. Sessions are generally only rescheduled in the cases of severe weather conditions. In most all cases blue sunny skies can be added in post processing. Zappa Studios has an extensive library of sky images which can be used to enhance your final exterior views.




Can you declutter desktops or remove unwanted items from the images?


Generally yes. However, it is best to walk your facility and remove items you do not wish to appear in your final images. In some cases advanced editing may be required and are quoted on an image by image basis.





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