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Preparing for your Architectural, Facility or Construction Photo Session

Steps, Tips & Suggestions


Step 1:  

An executed Architectural Photography Session Contract & License Agreement must be completed prior to your session being scheduled.



Step 2:  

Attach an aerial map view of your facility with N-S-W-E indicated.



Tip 1:  

Be sure to complete Section 11. 'Shot List' of your Agreement

It will ensure that you don't miss that one scene you absolutely have to have and identifyall areas of the facility to be captured. Be as specific in room identification as possible. (i.e. Exterior views North, South, East, West, front, Loading Dock, Reception areas, Cafeterias, Lobbies, Showrooms, Offices, etc.) A completed Shot List is required and must be submitted prior to the session.



Tip 2:  

Walk the property and be sure there are no conflicts with logo's, trademarks, artwork or other copyright infrigement possabilities. These items should be removed if possible, otherwise be sure to make note of the items for the photographer to remove during post production.



Tip 3:  

Declutter; stacks of papers, files, boxes, waste cans, recycling containers etc. are easily moved out of site but cannot always be removed during post production.

For Construction photo sessions make sure your project is complete before scheduling your session. Caution tape, construction materials, tarps and unfinished landscaping cannot usually be edited during post processing.



Tip 4:  

Lights; be sure any burnt out lights are replaced, this cannot always be corrected in post production.



Tip 5:  

Staging; chair backs, tables, desks and furniture aligned and chairs pushed under desks or tables.


Tip 6:  

Don't forget the exterior! Manicured landscaping and a freshly mowed lawn can make a significant difference in your images and cannot always be corrected in post processing.

If your session is scheduled for the fall or winter raked and shoveled driveways, pathways, front and back exteriors should be scheduled prior to your session.



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