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Frequently Asked Questions



How soon will my pictures be ready?


Zappa Studios offers 24 to 48 hour turn time on images unless the photo session occurred the day of or before a holiday. Same day rush service is available for an additional charge.


Is it' ok if the kids are in the pictures?


Children should never appear in images of your homes listing, your homes address will be published with those pictures and will be broadcast across the internet.




What about pets?


Pets can signify to potential buyers that there may be odors or damage to the property even if that's not the case. I always recommend removing food dishes, leashes and other items for the photo session




Will dust, spots on the walls or dirt on the carpets show up in the pictures?


In most cases yes they will. Some elements can be removed during post processing of your images but beware if a home looks perfect online it should also look that way when a potential buyer is visiting your property for a showing.




Can I share my images with another agent, are images transferable?


There are only two instances when images may be shared -  If you are a Real Estate Agent co-listing a property with another agent both agents may use the images for the life of the listing. If you are the Homeowner and you have purchased a transferable session your images may be transferred to any listing agent representing your property.

Session agreements are contracted between Zappa Studios and the Listing Agent or Homeowner.  Images may not be shared among Agents even if they are with the same broker office unless as stated above.



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