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Preparing For Your Residential Property Photo Session

Tips & Suggestions


Tip 1:  

Make sure all lights are working and replace any light bulbs that are burnt out. Don't forget your exterior lights!



Tip 2:  

Declutter countertops, refrigerator doors, desk tops, sink tops, etc. Just toss those refrigerator magnets, menu's, etc. into some baskets or boxes and store in a drawer or closet for your session.



Tip 3:  

Tidy up; closets are a great place to move unwanted/unecessary items that don't add any value to the sale of your home. Laundry hampers, kids toys, dad's tools, newspapers, shoes and throw rugs can be hidden out of site and will show off your homes features.



Tip 4:  

Carpet Cleaning and Painting are one of the least expensive ways to add value to your home for a considerable return. If your carpet is gray and dingy it might appear that way in the pictures (walls too).



Tip 5:  

Staging a room with some fresh cut flowers, a bowl of fruit or setting a table can add charm and abmiance to your photo session and give you the edge over competing properties.


Tip 6:  

Don't forget the exterior! Manicured landscaping and a freshly mowed lawn can make a significant difference in your images and cannot be corrected in post processing. If your session is scheduled for the fall or winter raked and shoveled driveways, pathways, front and back porches will make your homes images more inviting and can signify pride of ownership to potential buyers.


Tip 7:  

Move vehicles to the street or garage for your session, and don't forget to move the garbage or recycling containers out of sight.

Tip 8:  

Be sure to point out any special features of your home for your session that buyers wont want to miss. Have a flat screen behind that built-in, what about an i-home wired sound system? Make sure to let me know so I don't miss getting a picture of it for your listing agent.

Tip 9:  

Throw rugs can detract from your floors and in some cases can make a room seem smaller especially in bathrooms. In most cases it is best to pick-up throw rugs and toilet seat covers for your photo session.

Tip 10:  

Empty rooms are generally best shown with nothing in them, so if you have a room with just a chair it is usually best to store it out of sight for your session.



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