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Photo Re-Touching Services?

Frequently Asked Questions



Do you re-touch photo's of people?


Generally no. Zappa Studios specializes in services related to the built environment. Adjusting images of people in most cases uses a completely different set of tools then those used in image correction for the built environment. There are a number of excellent online services that specialize in image touch-up for portrait, wedding, and other event photography sessions.


Can you do bulk orders?


Yes. Bulk orders are welccome but processing time will vary depending on the number of images submitted. Contact us for a quote for your bulk orders.


What types of things can be removed?


Cars, people, garbage cans, construction tape, debris and any number of other items. We've even removed an elephant from an image!



Can you update a kitchen or repaint a room for my real estate listing?


No. For Real Estate Listings there are limits to what can be corrected or removed from an image. Over processed, unrealistic and images that do not represent the home in the condition buyers will see it in are not only frowned upon but there are specific laws against it. Zappa Studios will not correct an image for physical damage at a property and retains the right to refuse any project that it does not feel respects the integrity of the consumer.


My images are all out of focus can you make them clear and sharp?


Yes, in most cases. However, if your images were shot on a cell phone or tablet they will generally not be suitable for print even after the have been adjusted.




How much does it cost?


Less then you would think! Generally about $20.00 per image.





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