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What Exactly is a Virtual Tour?

Frequently Asked Questions



What is a Virtual Tour?


A Virtual Tour can be as simple as a slide show of still  images showcasing your Real Estate listing, business or commercial property. It can be as detailed as a stand alone website with room by room video walk throughs, 360 degree panoramic room views and detailed floor plans that hotlink directly to the room the visitor clicks on.


What is the difference between Video vs. Panoramic Room views?


A Panoramic room view generally refers to a 180 or 360 capture of the room. This type of view is usually a series of still images which have been combined to capture the room in full. Panoramic room views generally require Flash, QuickTime or HTML5 to view. 360 Video captures are also available and are sometimes more desirable as they are easily able to play on most handheld technology today.


Should I add music to my Virtual Tour?


There is a 50/50 split it seems among Realtors on this topic. For basic Real Estate listings a music file added to a Virtual Tour can be a negative if the potential buyer viewing the tour does not like the music selection, or they may be viewing tours at work so therefore Zappa Studios only recommends adding music files to Luxury Home listings.

Alternately, commercial and business tours specifically tours which promote a high end venue, luxury hotel or retail establishment having a good music selection always enhances the tour experience for the user.



How can a Virtual Tour help my business?


Virtual Tours are a great way to give potential customers or buyers an opportunity to virtually visit your property or establishment. Studies have shown that nearly 70% of consumers are more likely to visit a property or establishment with a Virtual Tour then ones without.


What is the difference between a Standard Tour and a Custom Tour?


Zappa Studios offers a comprehensive package of  Virtual Tour solutions. Zappa Studios is a authorized tour provider and a Standard Real Estate Virtual Tour package includes one year of hosting for your listing.

If you are a business or facility Custom Virtual Tours are a great way to showcase your site ammenities, products or services. Zappa Studios will work with you to create a Virtual Tour that highlights the features of your message and increases foot traffic to your business or facility.




I already have a website, can I host my Virtual Tour?


Yes you can! Zappa Studios can work with you to customize your Tour to fit the look and feel of your current web site or 360 captures can be delivered in Flash, QuickTime or HTML5 format ready for intigration into your current web site.





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